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Hi, my name is Zennah and I am the founder and trainer at Zen Fit Training.

I have always been sporty, however, never in a fitness sense. It wasn’t until university that I realised I had to start working out in order to become fitter. Lounging on the sofa and eating pizza every day was not the lifestyle I had envisioned for myself.

Trial and error taught me that working out is not a ‘one size fits all.’ It also taught me that it is a continuous effort in order to reach the goals I wanted to achieve. I gained so much confidence with myself and started to feel better and successful in all other aspects of my life.

I now genuinely love working out and want to help as many people as possible feel the same way.

I’m excited to share my fitness secrets with you and help you to love your body and the way it makes you feel.

Get in touch with me now and take this first step for yourself. Speak soon xxx

Some other info…

I have certificates in the following:

  • Level 2 and 3 Diploma Practitioner in Personal Training
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • British Red Cross First Aid Certified


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